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Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne - Paperback

Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne




Heroine Leading, Compass Wielding,

Time Jumping, Dinosaur Evading,

Nile River Racing, & 

Multiculturally Educating!


Niyah Zuri and the Pharaoh's Throne follows self-assured heroine Niyah Zuri as she and her best friends, Miguel and Hugo Gonzales, travel through time with the use of a mystical map. Readers are taken on an adventure with every turn of the page as the trio forge their friendship through exploration.

The series begins its epic tale when Niyah & the Gonzales twins discover an enchanted map in their clubhouse & are accidentally teleported to the Triassic period. After evading carnivorous dinosaurs, the time jumping continues as they're sent back to Ancient Egypt in order to help a young Prince Tut overcome his fear of rule. The group race against time to complete their mission, returning to their time period in haste as the Pharaoh’s sudden death has the royal guards suspicious of Tut’s foreign visitors.


Niyah Zuri and the Pharaoh’s Throne comes equipped with a full glossary that exposes children to a broad vocabulary that will both challenge and educate them! This book and its affiliated resources comply with the Common Core State Standards Initiative.


The Student Survival Guide to Online College -

The Student Survival Guide to Online College

Congratulations on taking the first step towards achieving your educational goals! Distance learning will continue to evolve as more colleges offer their classes through an online format. I have taken all of my knowledge and first-hand experience as an enrollment counselor and straight-A online student and squeezed it into this Student Survival Guide. This handbook provides the online student with advice that is straight to the point, such as how to manage your time, working in virtual teams, and how to remain motivated. The Student Survival Guide to Online College also includes five of my essential tips that will shorten your overall time in school, saving you thousands of dollars on tuition, and my personal collection of useful website links that will assist you to be a successful student. 
When I was an academic counselor, there were three excuses students would give me as their personal reasons for not going to college: 1) “I don’t have time” 2) “I don’t have money” and 3)”It’s been too long since I’ve been in school.” Students would discourage themselves before they even gave themselves a chance to succeed. You may have similar fears regarding college, so I ask you think about this analogy: 

Imagine a dirt road in front of you, as you walk you notice there’s a fork in the road with one path that leads to the left and one path that leads to the right. The path to the left is your current lifestyle; your family, your personal desires, your salary, your dreams, etc. What if everything stayed exactly the same? Would it be enough or do you desire more for your life? If you desire more, then imagine that the path to the right begins with you enrolling into college...


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