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Venues Played

Mission of Uganda to the United Nations - New York, NY (Uganda's 50th Independence Day Jubilee Celebration) 

MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort & Casino - Ledyard, CT (Community Auditions TV Show)

Fox Theater at Foxwoods Resort & Casino - Ledyard, CT (Community Auditions TV Show)

Penn State University - Philadelphia, PA

SOB'S - New York, NY

Bryant Park - New York, NY

Negrill Village - New York, NY

Canal Room - New York, NY

Piano's - New York, NY

The Underscore - New York, NY

Barnes & Noble - Stamford, CT (Grand Opening)

City Hall of Bridgeport - Bridgeport, CT (H.E.R.O.E.S. Ceremony)

The Fire - Philadelphia, PA

Borders Book Store - Fairfield, CT

Starbucks - New Haven, CT (Starbucks Music Makers Competition)

Mo Pitkins - New York, NY

New England Culture Fest - Lowell, MA

Waly's Jazz Café - Boston, MA


TV & Radio


MyTV 9 - Hartford/New Haven CT 

Cablevision Channel 12's "Our Lives" - Norwalk, CT

Citizens Television CTV's "Artist Spotlight" - New Haven, CT

WSBK TV 38 - Boston MA

WBZ TV 4 - Boston MA

WNAC TV "My R.I. TV" - Providence, RIT

WPXT TV Portland's CW - Portland ME

WWLP TV-22 - Springfield, MA

CBS's "Better Connecticut" - Hartford, CT

FOX 25 Morning News - Boston, MA

CN8's "Backstage with Barry Nolan" - Boston, MA

NBC's "The 10! Show" - Philadelphia, PA

Fox 61 "The Stan Simpson Show" - Hartford, CT



WBAI 99.5 FM "Wakeup Call"- New York, NY 

WHUD 100.7 FM "Night Rhythms" - Beacon, NY



"Anna Nyakana is a young woman with a calm seriousness that breaks into a radiant smile with ease of a switch-flip, there is one thing that Anna is still doing from her early Moldova days: Singing. And a growing number of people are noticing. Anna's music is distinctive; Anna's dual heritage flows through her music. Being in the cut-throat world of the music industry and the frustrating business of trying to save the world, it is notable how calm Anna is. Not only does she sing, but she plays the piano, guitar, and clarinet. She writes all her music, plays all the instruments, and does the production. But more than anything else, she has got the drive." - Fred Kirungi, Interview for the Weekly Observer – Kampala, Uganda 

"You have that sound, that combination, that wistful sound that you hear when you listen to someone like Corrine Bailey Rae." - Esther Armah, "Wakeup Call" WBAI 99.5 FM N.Y.C. 

"You communicate alot of emotion, have a great sound AND sing in tune! You don't often hear singers that have those crucial elements; the big three!" - Clint McBay, Director of A&R, TAXI 

"When you see Anna Nyakana live, she will deliver a passionate performance that is influenced by the moment she is currently in. Her voice is warm, and gets under your skin. Don't fight it!!" - Gabriel Antonini, NBC's 10! Show 

"Anna's experience in life is musical and is using it to 'be the change she wants to see in the world." - Catherine Michaels, "Night Rhythms" WHUD 100.7 FM NY 

"Anna Nyakana is a musician that we became very interested in after visiting her MySpace page. Her vocals and her delivery are simply amazing. With a deep family history and diverse influences Anna is worth giving a listen" - SKOPE Magazine 

" 'Make it Someday' got me from the 1st note! The kind of song you find yourself singing all day!!" - Douge Neehan, FOX 25 Morning News


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