TV & Radio


MyTV 9 - Hartford/New Haven CT

Cablevision Channel 12's "Our Lives" - Norwalk, CT

Citizens Television CTV's "Artist Spotlight" - New Haven, CT

WSBK TV 38 - Boston MA

WBZ TV 4 - Boston MA)

WNAC TV "My R.I. TV" - Providence, RIT

WPXT TV Portland's CW - Portland ME

WWLP TV-22 - Springfield, MA

CBS's "Better Connecticut" - Hartford, CT

FOX 25 Morning News - Boston, MA

CN8's "Backstage with Barry Nolan" - Boston, MA

NBC's "The 10! Show" - Philadelphia, PA

Fox 61 "The Stan Simpson Show" - Hartford, CT



WBAI 99.5 FM "Wakeup Call"- New York, NY

WHUD 100.7 FM "Night Rhythms" - Beacon, NY

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