kid friendly bio

  • Anna was born in Berlin, Germany in 1986, she and her family immigrated to the United States in the 1990's. Her dad is from Uganda and her mom is from Moldova!

  • Anna's family is diverse but growing up she couldn't find books with kids that looked like her.

  • When Anna grew up and decided to become an author, she wanted to create stories for kids with diverse characters, world history, and tons of adventure.

  • "Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne" is all about Ancient Egypt and 8-year old Prince Tutankhamen aka Prince Tut.

  • Niyah is illustrated after Anna when she was a kid - wild curls and all!

  • When she's not writing and visiting schools, Anna spends her time with her two sons. Pizza Fridays are their favorite day of the week!