Children should see a reflection of themselves in the books they read, my mission is to inspire them one adventure at a time.” - Anna Nyakana

Anna Nyakana Feature in Medium "Creating Hues of Representation in the Pixels" 

"Creating Hues of Representation in the Pixels"


By: Anna Nyakana

"AN ODE TO MY YOUNGER SELF: Lift your chin, straighten your back, walk with purpose; each step more firm than the lack. Forget their painful remarks, about your hair and your tones, but take a seat towards the front in case before the next stop they throw stones. As you stare through the window’s reflection, you may question if you’re perfection, if their words are in fact true. For you failed the comb test, so could that contradict the benevolence of you? The daily search for faces similar to your own in literature’s printed spaces set to educate have left your backpack light, yet again. Unbeknownst to you, this lack of weight has planted the seed that will germinate into your destiny to empower all girls and women. Lift your chin, straighten your back, walk with purpose; each step more firm than the lack. 

Two channels click in sequence as you turn the dial, aluminum foil to strengthen the signal as the static begins another circadian trail. Characters of animals and boys that are blue, dance across the screen with no representation of you. The technicolor lights flash into your pupil, creating an ocular messaging to the mind that your hue’s acknowledgement to the World is a strategic refusal. As you sit there in compromise, realize what’s hidden in the apparent, see, apparently, our Glory is the essential key to unlocking the mind from captivity. Lift your chin, straighten your back, walk with purpose; each step more firm than the lack. 

As you blink in search for our narratives to manifest in response don’t convert Truth into nonchalance. In fact, pull your curls from your eyes so you can see it clearly, the blatant exclusion, pollution of delusion. Remember this moment for the orbits to come, create an anchor in the deepest chambers, kiln of the hottest embers, where your LifeSpark resides ablaze, your melanated essence appraise. For we are pixelated matter in a rubics cube equation and you have been chosen to solve the moves for Our color pervasion. Lift your chin, straighten your back, walk with purpose; each step more firm than the lack."


Anna Nyakana Selected as Speaker for "Black Women In Media's Virtual conference & Awards 2020" 

It’s my esteemed pleasure to announce I have been selected as a Speaker for Black Women in Media's Virtual Conference & Awards 2020! I have the honor of lending my expertise on the Literary and Publication Panel, alongside Tunisia Brown, Owner and Creator of Impact Magazine and Impact TV Network as well as Dr. Joan Wright-Goode, Bestselling Author and CEO of Business Marketing Publishing.

“Join us for this week long experience November 16th - 20th that will recognize Black Women who are pioneers, groundbreakers, and innovators in their respective field. Guests will have an opportunity to witness firsthand how our phenomenal panelists attained the level of success, overcame obstacles, broke through their barriers, and most importantly are pivoting through the pandemic. Following the conference, guests will witness the Honorees acceptance, who have exemplify true magnificence and rewards.” 

2020 HONOREES include: MC Lyte, Tamron Hall, Egypt Sherrys, Vinasia Miles and more!

For registration and more information visit: www.blackwomeninmedia.com






Anna Nyakana "What's In The Words" Podcast Interview Hosted by AJ Joiner & Steve Canal - Atlanta, GA/New York, NY 

"Your crown is for protection of your greatest treasure young girls, understand that your MIND IS EVERYTHING, what you think you become. We have birthed the WORLD and we have been given every strand of DNA, every emotion POSSIBLE so we can continue to birth this World...Women are not EMOTIONAL, I feel that we have a HIGHER CAPACITY for emotion, we contain ALL OF THE EMOTIONS, we were made that way genetically so we can pass them on to our offspring...That's our NATURAL makeup, so really we are POWERFUL because we are ALL ENCOMPASSING OF EMOTION!!! They don't have to play that damsel in distress role, they don't have to be that dependent WAITING for someone to rescue them, they can rescue THEMSELVES - PROBLEM SOLVE!!! PRESSURE not only busts pipe but PRESSURE creates DIAMONDS and that's what I want my young girls to understand and KNOW!" 

Deepest gratitude to AJ Joiner and Steve Canal for an amazing interview on "What's in The Words" podcast and the opportunity to spread the Niyah Zuri message as well as discuss critical concerns and share personal insights to advance our People. Continued progression to you both, keep magnifying your own voices and those of us who will contribute to the transformation on this World! 


Anna Nyakana “Black On Black Education” Podcast Interview - New York, NY 

“What happens to EMPOWERED children? They become POWERFUL adults and these POWERFUL adults CHANGE the WORLD!” 

Thank you Black on for an opportunity to spread my Niyah Zuri movement and dig deep into the critical education reform that is needed for our youth! 

CLICK HERE to listen to the full podcast episode - Now streaming on all major platforms!


We believe properly educating America’s minorities and its lower economic classes the same way it does our white middle and upper middle classes will have a transformative effect on our nation as a whole. Every child has the ability to positively impact the world, but for far too many a lack of educational opportunities leaves our future doctors, lawyers, and economists stuck in schools with outdated books and insufficient supplies, not being properly nurtured to achieve their full potential. Let’s create a space that empowers black people to take ownership over our communities by developing a love of learning and a commitment to self-determination. FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT: www.blackonblackeducation.com

Anna Nyakana "Motivate U" Podcast Interview Hosted by June Archer - Hartford, CT 

Watch my exclusive interview for the "Motivate U" podcast hosted by the talented and uplifting June Archer. We dive into the importance of representation in children's books, my Niyah Zuri movement, and so MUCH MORE! Had to bring the fire when speaking on the injustices that took the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others to recount and ensuring we as a people are progressing towards a higher standard of accountability and transformation. Also gave some motivation to those feeling discouraged during quarantine to remember "Not every door is locked, PUSH!" and even sang some Nina Simone to reflect on the summit I have currently reached and the climb I have ahead to reach the peak of my Niyah Zuri mission. Thank you June Archer for the continued support! STAY TUNED FOR THE FULL EPISODE ON THE MOTIVATE U PLATFORM!