Children should see a reflection of themselves from books to screens, my mission is to inspire them one adventure at a time.” - Anna Nyakana

Anna Nyakana Honored with Connecticut Magazine's 2021 "40 Under 40" Class of 2021 + February Issue Cover 


“My purpose is to save the youth and I’m just getting started!”


FEBRUARY 1, 2021 - NEW HAVEN, CT --- 

Anna Nyakana 

34 / Stamford 

Children’s author and entrepreneur annanyakana.com • @Niyah_Zuri on Instagram and Twitter 

Nyakana set out to write multicultural books to help children celebrate their diversity and recognize their worth. Born to a Ugandan father and German-Moldavian mother, she attended a low-funded school that failed to offer positive role models or lesson plans that spotlighted representation. “Every child deserves to know they have the ability to reach their fullest potential regardless of their ZIP code,” says the award-winning, best-selling author of Niyah Zuri and The Pharaoh’s Throne. “Children of color and all cultures should have respect, love and understanding of one another in order to develop a prolific knowledge of self and those they share this world with.” More important to her than sales, Nyakana works with school administrators in Connecticut and nationally to implement the Niyah Zuri series into curriculums. She is creating an educational cartoon series, Adventures with Niyah Zuri, based on her books that will help children build their consciousness and vocabulary through world adventures while showing them they can achieve their wildest dreams. Multifaceted, Nyakana is also a singer-songwriter, producer, content-creator, motivational speaker, and a mom of two who has sparked a movement for unification. “My purpose is to save the youth and I’m just getting started!”


SOURCE: Connecticut Magazine

Anna Nyakana “House of Ramirez” Podcast Interview (Purposely Awakened Magazine) - Atlanta, GA 

“There are levels to this and EVERYONE is DESERVING of the levels, including YOURSELF, you have to FIRST tell yourself that. We tend to hold ourselves back, especially as WOMEN like we are now the “secondary class,” the men are more the “dominant.” We have to understand that we are birthing these men, we are raising them up, so why is it an issue for us to RAISE OURSELVES UP; raise your VIBRATION, tap into your ESSENCE! Understand you are a GODDESS, we SPEAK LIFE, we BIRTH LIFE, so birth it within YOURSELF!” 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Leslie Ramirez of "House of Ramirez" for an encouraging and critical discussion about our youth, women empowerment, and the force that is the Niyah Zuri movement! Another, BIG THANK YOU to Purposely Awakened Magazine for spotlighting my mission to empower and enlighten the youth! 


Anna Nyakana Feature Article in AFROELLE Magazine - Nairobi, Kenya 


“It was important to bring my young readers to Africa for we have BIRTHED THE WORLD but our history does not MAGNIFY us as the MOTHER OF ALL MANKIND. So, I will take on the responsibility of teaching our HISTORY with HONOR.” 

THANK YOU Afroelle for this incredible feature article and my debut in Africa’s publication world! Afroelle exists to encourage, empower and elevate our readers through highlighting the plight of women in Africa and the Diaspora celebrating their achievements and contributions to their communities. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE!

Anna Nyakana Feature in Medium "Creating Hues of Representation in the Pixels" 

"Creating Hues of Representation in the Pixels"


By: Anna Nyakana

"AN ODE TO MY YOUNGER SELF: Lift your chin, straighten your back, walk with purpose; each step more firm than the lack. Forget their painful remarks, about your hair and your tones, but take a seat towards the front in case before the next stop they throw stones. As you stare through the window’s reflection, you may question if you’re perfection, if their words are in fact true. For you failed the comb test, so could that contradict the benevolence of you? The daily search for faces similar to your own in literature’s printed spaces set to educate have left your backpack light, yet again. Unbeknownst to you, this lack of weight has planted the seed that will germinate into your destiny to empower all girls and women. Lift your chin, straighten your back, walk with purpose; each step more firm than the lack. 

Two channels click in sequence as you turn the dial, aluminum foil to strengthen the signal as the static begins another circadian trail. Characters of animals and boys that are blue, dance across the screen with no representation of you. The technicolor lights flash into your pupil, creating an ocular messaging to the mind that your hue’s acknowledgement to the World is a strategic refusal. As you sit there in compromise, realize what’s hidden in the apparent, see, apparently, our Glory is the essential key to unlocking the mind from captivity. Lift your chin, straighten your back, walk with purpose; each step more firm than the lack. 

As you blink in search for our narratives to manifest in response don’t convert Truth into nonchalance. In fact, pull your curls from your eyes so you can see it clearly, the blatant exclusion, pollution of delusion. Remember this moment for the orbits to come, create an anchor in the deepest chambers, kiln of the hottest embers, where your LifeSpark resides ablaze, your melanated essence appraise. For we are pixelated matter in a rubics cube equation and you have been chosen to solve the moves for Our color pervasion. Lift your chin, straighten your back, walk with purpose; each step more firm than the lack."