Parent + Teacher resources

Download any of the below free activities for your student or child to complete as they read "Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne!"

All resources comply with the Common Core State Standards Initiative

Niyah Zuri Word Search  

Word searches help children build word and pattern recognition as they review newly learned vocabulary (they're also fun!).  



Niyah Zuri Coloring Pages  

Coloring is known to stimulate creativity, improve motor skills, contribute to better handwriting, and improve boundary/spacial awareness! Young readers can use their artistic skills to color their favorite character or book cover from this collection of custom coloring pages. 


Character Change  

Use a timeline graphic organizer to plot how characters change throughout a story. Then answer the two written response questions about how the character changed and why the character changed. Aligned to Common Core State Standards.  


Character Feelings Graphic Organizer 

Use this graphic organizer to analyze character's feelings in a selection. Students must also provide evidence from the text to support their ideas. Aligned to Common Core State Standards. 



Retell A Story 

This is a great resource for students to practice their reading comprehension by retelling stories with the graphic organizer, which is provided in the document. This resource can be adapted for younger grades as well. Common Core Standards addressed. 



Story Mapping 

This resource was designed to help students identify the various elements in a story. Students will record information related to story elements using the provided story organizers. This resource can be adapted for younger grades as well.