"Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne" Featured on Summer Reading Challenge - Carmen Arace Intermediate - Bloomfield, CT



BLOOMFIELD, Connecticut - JUNE 26, 2017 ---







June, 2017



Dear Carmen Arace Intermediate School Families,



Happy Summer!!!!


The purpose of Carmen Arace Intermediate School's summer assignment is to encourage our students to practice and improve their literacy and numeracy skills. If children continue using their acquired skills during the summer, it helps prevent a serious loss of learning gained over the course of the school year.


This year the students that will be entering grades five and six are receiving a novel as our gift to add to your home library. Our incoming grade five students are to read, Niyah Zuri and the Pharaoh's Throne, by Anna Nyakana and our incoming grade six students are to read, Fish in a Tree, by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. Each student is to read their novel, answer a few questions, and complete activities over the summer. There is a suggested pacing schedule included in this packet. Students are to also complete the included reading log. Your children should be choosing books that are at his/her correct independent reading level. What a wonderful opportunity to read the novel and other books with your child during the summer months.




Students are to arrive on the first day of school (Wednesday, August 30, 2017) with their novel and completed assignments to receive credit. Students are also required to complete a math assignment.



This is also due on the first day of the 2016-2017 school year.





Our students will be recognized for their efforts at the beginning of the school year with literacy and numeracy celebrations. Our reading celebration will be for those students who complete the assignments for their grade's chosen novel and the reading log. This log need% to have at least 10 books recorded to qualify.


Students that complete their math assignment will be invited to a celebration as well.



We hope your family will enjoy these opportunities to continue your child's literacy and numeracy learning.





Sarah L. Williams







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