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Anna Nyakana's "Leap for Literacy" Virtual Author - Atlanta, GA 



I had a TREMENDOUS virtual author visit with 800+ STUDENTS two weeks ago organized by the incredible Leap for Literacy based down in Atlanta, Georgia! Thank you for asking me to share my story and contribute my writing tips for these future authors. Let's continue the work to "promote literacy, kindness, and a love of reading and writing in children to create life-long learners!" A BIG THANK YOU to Stan Tucker for leading such an impactful organization and supporting my Niyah Zuri movement!

Anna Nyakana hosts Summer Writer's Workshop with KidsAct - Baltimore, MD 




“If you can THINK it, it can BE! The only difference between you THINKING something and it ACTUALLY happening is ACTION! So let’s take some action, TIME is of the ESSENCE!” Loved hosting my Writers Workshop with @kidsactmd this week! Continue to inspire these budding creatives to express themselves through the Arts! S/O to the dedicated CEO and my little Sis Tonya Elizabeth for her dedication to ensuring campers can continue their education in the Arts through a virtual setting!


Kids Are Creative Thinkers is a summer camp and after school program for young aspiring artists where they are free to creative expression. Founded in March of 2019, Tonya Mayo has found it vital to understand and collaborate with artists around the community and give our children open space to find their creative outlet. Since our virtual summer camp has come to an end, we do not want to leave our SCA's hanging so we are providing a virtual after school program! Join us virtually and take a look at what our program has to offer! TO FIND OUT MORE VISIT:

Anna Nyakana visits Clinton Avenue School for World Read Aloud Day 2020 - New Haven, CT 

I had the honor of celebrating World Read Aloud Day 2020 at Clinton Avenue School in New Haven, CT this week! Students at Clinton Avenue School acquire a love of learning and a sense of global citizenship with a project and inquiry based learning model aligned with rigorous instruction and high expectations. 60 bilingual students joined my visit as I delved into chapters of "Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne," reading aloud to inspire their creative young minds! "The twins sound like me," Anthony shouted, to which I responded, "And just like the twins, you keep pushing and keep believing in yourself!" After wrapping my visit, I roamed the halls to track down the classroom of recent Milken educator award winner Ms. Lauren Sepulveda - I crashed her class to extend my congratulations to this elite Connecticut educator (keep inspiring your students to learn and connect with the world around them!).

Thank you to Principal Kristina DeNegre and Vice Principal Patricia Gantenbein for inviting me to share in this literacy celebration. Special thanks also to Jennifer Quirk, Library Media Specialist, for liaising and coordinating of this event!


Happy World Read Aloud Day!!!?#WorldReadAloudDay #BlackHistoryMonth #AuthorVisit

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"Keep reading & see where the story leads you..." #WorldReadAloudDay #BlackHistoryMonth #AuthorVisit

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Anna Nyakana visits Fred D. Wish Museum School - Hartford, CT 

I had an impactful visit at Fred D. Wish Museum School in Hartford, CT to wrap up the week-long celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day! The mission of Fred D. Wish Museum School is to L.E.A.D. their students to LEARN, EXPLORE, ACHIEVE, and DISCOVER their dreams and goals. I had the pleasure to connect with an all-boys after school program discussing my book "Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne" and the importance of diversity and representation in the books we read as well as how to create individual goals to achieve your biggest dreams. My visit wrapped with a writer's workshop, as I led the group to collaborate on their very own short story, which will be presented at their next Literacy Night event. A big THANK YOU to Caitlin Brexley, Literacy Coach (Hartford Public Schools) and Gelda St. Juste, Community Schools Site Coordinator (The Village for Families & Children) for coordinating the visit!



Creative Juices ?⚡️... #AuthorVisit #WritersWorkshop

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Anna Nyakana visits Capital Prep Magnet - Hartford, CT 

I had the honor of wrapping Women's History Month with 80 students at Capital Prep Magnet school in Hartford, CT. This Pre-K through 12th grade charter school aspires to create a community of lifelong learners who will be assets to their community by working towards Social Justice. During our deep dive into Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne, we talked about overcoming challenges, aspiring to make impacts in our community, and the importance of diversity. Thank you to Principal Dr. Kitsia Ferguson for your support and Joaner Weidman, Projects and Program Support Facilitator, for organizing this event!

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”Your zip code does not define you; you are boundless...” #ChildrensBooks #Education #WomensHistoryMonth

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Anna Nyakana visits Capital Prep Harbor School - Bridgeport, CT 

I had an amazing day at Capital Prep Harbor School in Bridgeport, CT spreading the Niyah Zuri message of Diversity and Believing in one's self! This forward-thinking charter school is changing lives by providing historically disadvantaged students with the college and career readiness skills needed to become responsible and engaged citizens for social justice. I spent the morning speaking with parents about their child's interests and how my book Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne can further inspire their curiosity and love of reading and writing. After wrapping a book signing for select classes, I engaged with with 3rd and 4th grades to discuss their recent writing assignments and answer questions about the Niyah Zuri series. I was honored to autograph a copy of my book to a Kindergartener who stopped by the book signing and declared she had to go home with a copy; my youngest reader yet! Finally, the day concluded with an assembly of 3rd through 6th grades, 220 students in all! I loved sharing excerpts from my book, the origin stories for my characters, and reminding them of the importance of diversity in the books they read. Black History month also reminds us to leave our own mark in history, so I encouraged each student to "always believe in yourself, others will follow."



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Anna Nyakana Visits Pretty Brown Girls Club at Thirman Milner School - Hartford, CT 

Had a powerful Author Visit with the Pretty Brown Girls Club at Thirman Milner School in Hartford, CT. We spent a couple of hours discussing the importance of Sisterhood and creating a safe space for each girl to share some of the challenges they face daily. Pulling examples from my book "Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne" and the fearless heroine Niyah Zuri, we developed solutions to these challenges and committed ourselves to BEING CONQUERORS!


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Anna Nyakana Visits Harbor Elementary - New London, CT 

What an exciting day spent with the bright minded students over at Harbor Elementary in New London, CT! I had a wonderful Author Visit with Ms Sklar's 3rd grade class as I read chapter excerpts from my book "Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne", discussed the importance of diversity, and answered some Q&A. Looking forward to returning before the end of the school year!


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Inspire; then pass it forward... @nlpublicschools #BlackHistoryMonth #WomensHistoryMonth #NewLondon @thedayct #AuthorVisit #ChildrensBooks #Education #MultiCultural

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"Niyah Zuri & The Pharaoh's Throne" Author Anna Nyakana Visits International Magnet School - South Windsor, CT 

In celebration of Black History Month and World Read Aloud Day 2017, I kicked off my book tour this week at International Magnet School (a CREC School) in South Windsor, CT. Thank you to Principal Tinh and IMS educators Ms. Bergeron, Ms. Perry, Mrs. Zdrojeski, Mr. Stewart, Mrs. Penecassio, Ms. Pacheco, and Ms. Shannon!