Anna Nyakana Featured on Indigo Blue's "Women's Empowerment" Podcast

JUNE 29, 2020 - PHILADELPHIA, PA --- Episode 9 of The Indigo Blue Empowermet Conversations Podcast airs tonight at 6pm Featuring Best Selling Author , Motivational Speaker, And Entrepreneur Anna Nyakana .  

During this episode Anna gives an in-depth look into her life as an immigrant, born in Germany, and adjusting to life as a biracial child in America .  

She discloses how she was able to find her strength as a Black Woman in America, finding the hustle mentality from living in the projects, to living in the suburbs. Anna overcame many adversities while publishing her book, being told by many Publishers that her Book was too Urban. They would frown upon her characters time traveling to Egypt preferring the characters remain in the US only. 

Anna Nyakana shares vital business and entrepreneurial gems that authors, aspiring entrepreneurs can use to uplift themselves and their communities. Tune in tonight at 6pm on all streaming platforms. Visit to subscribe to the show.

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