Anna Nyakana Launches the official niyah zuri NFT - NEW YORK, NY

Anna Nyakana: Launching her Niyah Zuri Movement for the Youth into the Digital Currency Universe 

In Honor of #NZ5Y Niyah Zuri Books 5 Year Anniversary, Multi-Talented Creative and Visionary Anna Nyakana is Minting 5 LIMITED EDITION NFTs! Own a piece of the Niyah Zuri Movement, a Movement for the Youth originating from Nyakana’s Bestselling Children’s Book Series which Focuses on Representation and Empowerment for the Youth through Historical Knowledge of Self. 

“I’m not here to do what others before me have, I’m here to Change the Game; The Game of Life that is. I’m here to Spark the Revolution of Creating the Life One Deserves to Live, Beginning with Our Youth.” 

The Exclusive Niyah Zuri NFT will be available February 25, 2022 at 3 PM ET via the #Opensea Exchange platform and for purchase with #Ethereum “This is going to grow the Niyah Zuri Movement into a TRUE NATION of UNLIMITED Wealth and Potential. Reparations are never coming - We’d BANKRUPT the WORLD- Let’s Claim what’s OURS!”


OPENSEA: Explore the #NIYAHZURIVERSE The Official Anna Nyakana NFT Collection

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