Anna Nyakana “House of Ramirez” Podcast Interview (Purposely Awakened Magazine) - Atlanta, GA

“There are levels to this and EVERYONE is DESERVING of the levels, including YOURSELF, you have to FIRST tell yourself that. We tend to hold ourselves back, especially as WOMEN like we are now the “secondary class,” the men are more the “dominant.” We have to understand that we are birthing these men, we are raising them up, so why is it an issue for us to RAISE OURSELVES UP; raise your VIBRATION, tap into your ESSENCE! Understand you are a GODDESS, we SPEAK LIFE, we BIRTH LIFE, so birth it within YOURSELF!” 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Leslie Ramirez of "House of Ramirez" for an encouraging and critical discussion about our youth, women empowerment, and the force that is the Niyah Zuri movement! Another, BIG THANK YOU to Purposely Awakened Magazine for spotlighting my mission to empower and enlighten the youth! 


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